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i just dont get it.

i went to akron last night to drink and hang out. i sat at a booth for 4 hours.

last friday i went to akron. for most of the night i was sitting. then i stood at the bar for about 90 minutes.

for whatever reason my legs are killing me. both days. i feel like i ran a marathon or stood for 7 hours in church.

the really odd thing is that in the past when i would hang out in akron my legs would always hurt. if id go to thursdays and dance they would hurt. if i played pinball all night they would hurt. if i would sit outdoors in the cell they would hurt.

i have always said that no city kicks my ass like akron and maybe thats just it. maybe something exists in that city that makes the legs hurt. maybe its bogus floors. who knows.

well, tomorrow i am going back and the party starts at 5:00pm and should end around 3:00 am. i am expecting a hangover for saturday but more than likely my legs will kill.

makes no sense...i want it all.

should have news soon on the debut of the tmp at the lime spider followed by the tmp at annabelles...more than likely annabelles will be the first stop.


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