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I really want to write about the weekend.

in short, friday was awesome.
picked up tom at 4 and went to akron.
started drinking at 5:30.

erin came out around 8:30.

we all did 3 bars. i spent 15.00 the entire night and had 4 martinis, a blue moon, 1 bass, 1 harp, 1 chocolate stout.

at midnight i went with erin back to her place.

everyone else went to more bars.

met back up with tom around 1:00 on saturday. diana, billy, tom and i went for breakfast and then stopped at squared records.

got back to the lake at 4:00.

was exhausted.

gbv was great. ill expand on that later.

rest of the weekend was cool.

watched games 1 and 2 yesterday and finally hung out with jacklyn.

talked to erin late last night.
i am so looking forward to this weekend.

all about brenda and eddie.


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