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show 31 was saturday.

a weird night. i got a ride from the cravens. we arrived shortly before 9 and caught the last few minutes of some local opener.

tobin was up next. wow. i wish he would have played more solo material, but hearing the usual and then all the gbv stuff was a total treat. he was better than his tavern show from april or whenever that was.

the wait for gbv sucked. it was hot. really hot. any attempt for me to get drunk was shot due to me sweating like a pig.

they showed some short slideshow thing that was somewhat neat. it was cheesy, but i think they were shooting for that. i dont know if i want to see the thing 3 more times. anyways.

gbv played a ton of favorites. songs including pendelum, gold star, if we wait, demons are real, squirmish frontal room {which rocked ,exit flagger {first time since newport show back in 97} 14 cheerleader {just tobin and bob}, smothered, dont stop now, redmen and their wives {which also rocked}, i am a tree, salty salute, teenage fbi, fair touching, and more and more and more.

my favorites had to be pendelum, if we wait, squirmish, exit flagger and goldstar. 14 cheerleader was really great also.

ran into a few friends.

eventually ran into meghan. well, actually she approached me. told me she didnt want things to be weird or something. i was a dick. i really didnt have anything to say to her. then, during sad if i lost it....which i only caught the last few seconds, she walked by and i grabbed her and started talking. told her i was sorry for being a dick.

well, eventually gbv played a bad song. i had nobody to cheer on the bad song.
i went searching for meghan. figured that since she wanted it to be cool that it wouldnt be a big deal if we hung out.

i found her during the tree song. i am 99% sure she was talking to the dude that she was seeing when she started sleeping with me again. it so reminded me of the yo la tengo night. poor guy didnt know she cheated on him. i kept my mouth shut. i told her i needed a fan. we couldnt hang out where she was. she told me to go back to my original spot and she would come over.

well, she came over and we hung out. she looked over her shoulder every minute to make sure nobody noticed us hanging out. remember, she approached me and wanted it to be cool. this really didnt bother me much on saturday as it did as i started thinking about it yesterday.

well, due to the fear of being caught we ended up moving to the front. she seemed ok with that. it was fun. i mean, close to 2 years of hanging out and the gbv shows we saw together were always a good time. well, eventually one of her friends appeared. she stayed next to me but the converation became almost non-existint.

anyways, the band played, i had a blast, i was blown away by them doing if we wait...i really did wait 30 shows for that. eventually the show ended. i bought a t-shirt.

its bizarre that she wants things to be cool but cant be seen talking to me. even though she is in love now she still cant be seen talking to me.

always said that i was a secret and thats what i am.

3 shows to go. didnt realize until yesterday, but i have 6 weeks until those shows. going to be nuts.

my list of final requests:

over the neptune/mesh gear fox
club molleska
at the farms
short on posters
the hard way
local mix up
blimps go 90
surgical focus
the enemy
look its baseball
always crush me
big boring wedding
office of hearts

thats what i can think of right now. more later as the day approached.

roll out the pain killers!


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