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mlb regular season ended over 3 weeks ago. since the ending i have lost 7 lbs.

i dont get what effect mlb has on my weight but tradition rolls on.

i am hoping the season ends by thursday. i really want to go out this year for halloween.

also, i am ready for ball to be finished. last night was the first night in a long time that nothing about baseball was on. i had time to do things and didnt have to say no to anybody {though i still said no}.

something new - i no longer have that rule about not kissing girls on the first date.

i also have tossed out the rule of waiting almost two months for more to happen.

i think that the next thing to go is the 42 day trial.

trying to find time to scan photos and burn cds.

and i think the drugs have worked. yesterday was the best i felt in a month. i finished the steroid pack and i have toned down the cough medicine. i now just have the weird hockey puck inhaler thing.


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