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and another mlb season is complete.

it was great seeing boston win.

sucks that the series was boring. have to go back to angels/giants to remember that total excitement.

nickie called last night and we are hoping my costume arrives on time. if it doesnt i will end up going as a doctor like i did last year.

i am excited to see her in december. i might spend a night at her house. i really need to start figuring that trip out. to think that when i come home my gbv thing will be done. at least i still have 3 shows.

cheap trick and the killers are both coming to cleveland.

going to be a fun nov/dec.

amyo comes home next weekend. i need to find something great for us to do. more than likely we will get drunk. we do have a party to go to.

i am hoping she moves home come january. that would rock.


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