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last night i was hit with a ton of bricks.

so, erin. i met her a few weeks back. something about her had me instantly attracted. maybe it was the shoes, or the way she smokes, or the perfect teeth, or her hair. i had no idea i just knew that i had to talk to her.

well. its been cool. really cool. after finding out that we share the same birthday i have been finding out that we have lots and lots of the small things in common.

i havent been swooning, mainly cause it all seems normal. basically like i should be liking this girl.

well, last week she was sick. i brought her a few things. she ended up sending me a thank you card earlier this week. i thought that was so cool. mainly cause i cant recall the last time a girl bothered to thank me for anything.

then last night she called and something inside me clicked. i think i removed the wall of fear. i dont know. i hardly slept all night. i am looking forward to tonight. i dont know what we are going to do. i wanted to make her dinner but i am not going to akron until late and i cannot wait that long to eat.


akron tonight and then tom and i are going back tomorrow. i have no idea what we are doing. one minute its thursdays, then its some crazy new place and then its a keg party...keg thats just funny. we are staying at dianas. i have no clue what erin is doing.

and my halloween costume arrived. that nickie, something else. i swear, my nyc girls rule the school.


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