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could easily be the best weekend of the year.

so...friday night i arrived in akron around 7:00. erin and i went out to dinner with jamie and jessica. we had mexican and drank two gallons of margarita. needless to say i was well off.

after that we stopped at giant eagle and picked up a 12 of blue moon, a gallon of wine, a 6 of christmas ale (yum)and a 22 of some sam adams chocolate stout (yum also).

we then went over a friends house to drink.
it was really cool, all the girls went outside and the dudes stayed in. i cant remember the last time i hung out with dudes and had such dude talk.

erin and i left around midnight and went back to her place. i came home around noon on saturday.

saturday was spent cleaning for sunday.

saturday night sloop and i went back to akron. we started at bills house and had some beers. then we went to some club that needs roller derby. courtney met us up there.

we left around midnight for thursdays. i was switching to rolling rock due to the parents coming up sunday.

well..that didnt stop me from doing shots. i started the night off with a shot and ended it with one and i am fairly certain i did a couple in between. i was beyond happy. danced a bunch with courtney which was cool. ran into all sorts of people. went to some after hours that i passed out at.

needless to say, i feel like i am back at 23. that 23rd year was the best. granted i was single for all of it and well i am hardly single now but all aspects are currently fantastic.

headed back to the lake around noon. i was somewhat hurting. basically really tired. well, the rents wanted
to go for a bike ride. somehow i found the energy and went for an 8 mile ride. after that i made them dinner. they left around 7 and my body couldnt stand up. i dont remember going to bed. for this week.

supposed to go to the rally tonight. depends if i am awake.

vote tomorrow. cavs tomorrow.

star wars trailer on friday.

and i should know very soon if i will be saying goodbye to apartment 27. its been 3 years. i am ready to go.


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