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last night was awesome. i left the lake just after 5 and headed out to akron. hung out with erin for a bit and then we went over jessica and jamies place to watch the remake of dawn of the dead. i kept falling asleep. erin kept hitting me to stay awake. i was hopeless.

after that we left and went back to her place and watched my shins video. then we watched snow. i ended up staying in akron and still made it in on time today.

things are so good. i am amazed at how perfect she is for me. we complete sentences. we share the same habbits. its plain old bizarre.

tonight i am taking nugget over to the cousins. should be fun watching her with some other cats. will be cool to hang out with erin and beth..

tomorrow night i am heading back to akron so we can go see the incredibles. we plan on going out to eat after. basically, its a date. we dont really or havent yet done the date thing. i assume after dinner that we will catch up with friends and drink. .



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