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last night i took mcnugget over to the cousins house. she hung out with lemmy and megadeth. after that i dropped her off at jacklyns. later today she will be at the animal hospital so she can get spayed. i wont see her until sometime tomorrow. i am a little sad. it was bizarre last night being able to leave the bathroom door open. it was odd this morning that i was able to sleep until 5 without happy paws waking me. i feel that last night had to be crazy for her. she starts in the car, goes to a new house, then back in the car and then to jackies.

i have to call the hospital around 1 to see how she is doing.

after work i am akron bound. excited to see the incredibles.

tomorrow sloop and i are going to a surprise 40th for ben v. then we are going to take amyO to either thursdays or the garage. i am thinking the garage.

sunday sloop and i are going thrifting. should be fun.

so another weekend already filled.

the message of the O.C. - -

listen to The Clash (mainly London Calling)
Buy and wear a pair of Vans.


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