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and i'm empty...

another crazy weekend.

in short...started early friday seeing the incredibles...which was awesome.

after that we picked up jameson and went to the northside. it was 7:00. started drinking 22 oz. blue moon drafts. had 3 of those and was wasted. sang some billy joel and ate a most fantastic cheese burger. bumped into annie. it was at this point that i realized that i have more friends in cleveland than i do in akron. i think that akron realized it also.

after the bar we went back to erins and split a bottle of wine. i didnt need to do that at all. went to sleep and woke around 9 on saturday. i was hungover. was supposed to get coffee with the d but i ended up driving back to the lake. my eyes hurt, my stomach hurt. i thought for sure that i was accident bound. made it back to 27 around 11 and went to sleep. didnt wake up until 6.

it was at that point that i got nugget back. youd never know that she had any type of surgery. she is nuts. i missed her and was thrilled to see her.

saturday night amyO came over. we had some beer, listened to some music and watched sifl and olly. picked up tom and jacklyn and headed to the garage. we drank until the bar closed. i paid for 1 of 3 beers. that bar is my new 5 o'clock. after that we all went to my friends. tom and i shared stories of girls and our histories with jacklyn and amy. got home at 3:45 and went to sleep.

spent sunday shopping, eating, watching tv and sleeping. ended up giving up at 10:00. a fanstastic weekend. i need to drink less or something.

oh, friday night when we left the bar and got back in erins car i went through her cds. found some billy joel. put it in and we sang loud, together. it was awesome.

the week ahead...tomorrow is the final luna show. i have asked about 20 people to go and i cant get an answer out of anyone. it doensnt matter. after luna is the jmc tribute featuring cassidy and ben v at capsule.

thursday is the o.c., friday is a party at d's house.

last but not is 3 years in apt. 27 and it doesnt look like i am going anywhere...yet.


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