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last night i finally cleaned out some boxes from when i moved in 3yrs ago.

i found a letter from my ex that i lived with. she must have placed it among my things when i was moving out. anyways, it was written right after sept 11th and she was going to visit her friends in jersey. the letter said how she wanted some space and hoped we could talk things out in the next few weeks. i didnt see this letter until yesterday. it made me laugh.

2 weeks ago she was on the front page of the plain dealer. i was happy to find out that she is doing well.

spent the rest of the night watching the cavs and south park. it was the most tv i have seen since mlb ended. was going to go out but decided that i really needed a night indoors without activity.

looking forward to the weekend. going to a party in akron tomorrow. not sure about the rest of the weekend. might just spend it in akron.

would like to go to the garage tonight. or maybe to see the yawns at the b-land.
only time will tell.


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