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yesterday i went to akron.
hung out with erin for the first time in almost 2 weeks. we both have forgotten about the "hi" instant pass out from this past friday.

anyways, we went out for chinese. we mix well. i dont know, something about that girl. i am more myself around her than i have been with any girl before.

after food we went to her house, had a couple beers, played with the cat and listened to music.

so...tomorrow is some big ol party in akron. i am going down early for my happy hour. yes, its mine. its the first ever tony meda meet and greet...takes place at fuel and i had nothing to do with it. the medafication of akron continues. tomorrow will also be my 9th friday straight in akron.

following happy hour i am going to skip big party and hang out with erin. basically, i need one night away from parties.

as for the rest of the weekend...i want to go to thursdays saturday. i want to go to the electric frankenstein show at the spider. i also want to go to the garage and duck island. who knows what will happen.


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