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its funny to think of what i was going through last year at this time.

my ex had broken up with me again but was stringing me along for a few bonus months. then, i met a girl. well, on thanksgiving night i met that girl out for drinks. oddly enough it was my first visit to duck island. they had blue moon on tap. anyways, i didnt come home until afternoon the following day. the girl ended up quitting her job at the gap. me and the gap and girls. 2 gap girls.

well, upon returning the guilt set in. then the lies began. then all the bullshit started. then the christmas party. we are not having a christmas party this year and even if we did, i am going to be out of town that weekend.

well, a year later. i am dating erin. she is on vacation for a week and i am not the least bit worried or concerned. life is far better than it was a year ago. i have easily some of the best friends in the world. i have fallen back into my akron land and its been better than it ever was before. i can do what i want. i can go to NYC next week and not feel like i am doing something wrong.

i dont know, i spent the first 9 months of this year being down and not honest with myself. i have spent the last 2 being the tony that i was before all the madness began. lets hope i can rock out december and have a kick ass 2005.


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