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i did it. i managed to stay home two nights in a row. i havent been home that much since the world series.

well, last night that had to come to an end. jacklyn, chris, rebecca and i all went bowling. it was fun watching JandC on a date. i felt like a parent. its the most i talked with rebecca in years. after bowling we went to mars bar. got home just after midnight.

as for tonight. people are coming over to drink around 9 and then its off to the 5 o'clock. i dont plan on leaving the five until close.

tomorrow morning i have to watch the parade. jenna made the Grover balloon and nickie and amy are walking the Monopoly Man balloon.

after that its off to home for the first full family thanksgiving in about 5 years.

the rest of the weekend looks like more drinking. saturday is akron.

rock out to you all.


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