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when i was a kid, maybe ages 2-6, which would be toddler to kid...anyway, back then my aunt purchased me some lionel train cars. i would get one every christmas. she stopped when i got into star wars and consequently she never bought me an engine or any track. the train cars remained in my parents house in original boxes for the next 20 years.

a few weeks ago i started cleaning my childhood out of my parents house. part of this is the train cars. i plan on selling them on ebay or to a collector. today i am going to take the cars to the lakewood hobby shop and see if they are worth anything.

now, i am hoping that at the least i can get 25.00 per car. if i can get more, i will take more! my plan is to somehow use this money for something that i want to last another 20 years. that way at the age of 48 i can think back to how i accomplished whatever because i used the money as a starting point.


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