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reckless life.

tony meda and the quest for me.

in other news....

the rock is rolling...

ween is coming!

the shins are coming!

ben lee is coming!

spiritualized, badly drawn boy and simom + garfunkel...they are all coming.

i guess cleveland isnt all that bad.

i will be getting tickets soon for ween and the shins...they are both playing in lakewood. i am excited to see ween, its been over 2 years. i have to get the new album soon. i am going to get a ticket for meg and hope she enjoys them.

lots has been going on. baseball is a tad beyond exciting, i dont know if the playoffs will have this much suspense.

watched some of the stupid hotel show. i cant stop thinking amy is hot. she looks good without all the make-up...meghan hates her...meghan just always looks good. i would take meghan over amy period.

only another day and its weekend time.

i have bugs in my ears and they are driving me crazy.


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