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busy and tired. or is it tired and busy?

so..last night...prior to my haircut i stopped at starbucks...addiction is something else.

after that i went to get the hairs chopped...and chopped they hair is the shortest it has been in maybe 5-6 years. i have a crew cut, it looks cute, it makes me look cute...i actually feel cute...i figure it will last for maybe 2 weeks.

following the cut i went to sushi rock...the debut of trendy tony...good times.

after that i came home and changed and went to the 5 o'clock. krista and a few other people were was fun but somewhat lame. some girl ruined ballroom blitz...i did not sing though i was told at random that i should sing reo speedwagon...maybe...never.

we {sloop and myself} watched the a's/sox game and gave up in the a's pulled it out in the that time i was in dreamland...

notes. a shoebox full of notes. and then i found one in my wallet...



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