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killing time

so...the new belle and sebastian...i love the album...well, most of the album...i am not a huge fan of the piazza song, it just doesn't go anywhere...i have actually skipped over it on a few recent listens. same with lord anthony...comes in as a typical quite belle song...great lyrics...but i don't know...and roy walker...meghan didn't care for it...i had zero opinion and haven't listened to it since the first spin.

i will say its the best work they have done in a few years. all that smiths crap is finished and belle has a sweep of pop happiness with some aspiration of rock mixed in. the album has such a 60's feel. mini-skirts and boys in sweaters.

just a few weeks till the live show. i must say that seeing them in 2002 was one of the best nights of my life. i had waited 7 years and they were perfect...not a single complaint. so, for this show...only about 17 months later i am going to see them, expecting nothing...just going cause they are a top 5 tony band. i hope to hear many new songs and a slew of old and hopefully some that they didn't play last time.

i guess that's it. i have another 68 minutes to kill and then its drive home and get comfortable on the couch.


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