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yawn. stretch. yawn.

yesterday...many things to do...traded all that in to take a nap. did not get back to lakewood until almost 7:00...

not a problem.

i have tonight. on top of that i am going to exit early again...sadly i will not be taking a nap.

i am so exhausted.

went out last night. had a decent enough time. looks like lots of people will be at the beachland tomorrow. should be fun. i am going to pass out candy. feel slightly better about playing. wont be exactly what i want...but what really ever is?

lets see...tonight i get ready for tomorrow. provided i have the time i will go see the yawns at the grog...

thats really it.

oh...belle and sebastian tickets have arrived.

i need coffee. had starbucks back on monday and right now its all i can think about. coffee... and how cookies don't really make a lunch.


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