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whenever i start an entry with 2 it means that its the second entry of the day..and since everything i write is so amazing and interesting, i would hate for anyone to miss out. it is friday...

i have a decent weekend planned.

tonight meg and i are hanging out...i dont think we are going to do much...maybe play on the a movie...tell her about yoda...whatever, its going to be cool.

tomorrow i am going to megs graduation family party...i get to meet her evil sister...excitement is brewing.

tomorrow night we are going to a party...i want to go to a show at the grog and i might find a way to do both.

sunday i am going home to help my grandma set up christmas stuff.

sunday night is the season finale to survivor...i am one of 2 people that still watch that show...

welcome to being all caught up.

i want to listen to billy joel.


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