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monday...i hate mondays.

the weekend...all things aside, i had a good weekend...i wish i would have been able to sleep in...i wanted at least one day past 9:00 and the most that i had was 8:20...

i have a 4 day work week but i have to work 3.5 hours extra during it.

i started christmas shopping...the actual process of purchasing items to give to others...not the going to the store and looking around.

i want to get the unrated old school and the widescreen of X2 for my christmas. my list keeps growing.

had a good weekend with meghan...she accompanied me friday night on the shopping trip. saturday was all medina...drank lots and had fun at parties...last night we watched survivor.

i bought her a toothbrush for a sort of home coming.

yep...things are getting back to what they were...takes work, but we have all the practice we need.



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