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northeast ohio is a huge letdown. a total weather malfunction. i am not at all happy with the recent performance.


i am awake. i need more chemicals!

its friday. moan, grunt, hiss, boo, cheer!!

rah! rah!


we all fall down.

i have not seen lost in translation. i believe its out on dvd. i will see that this weekend.

i am not sure exactly what else i will do this weekend. i'd like to run to target and maybe puddle hop...provided it warms up to 57 and puddles appear. most likely its just going to be target. target and the mall. the mall and target.

which came first?

i need a new book. well, i need a book to read. i want something simple, fun and smart. simple in sounds.

i am here to do something.

being tony meda sure is weird.

my head smells like a pineapple. this has made me hungry. i am going to go surf. its amazing just how "internet" that word sounds.

yep, really weird. i would never sell it on ebay but i would provide others with a time slot in which they could actually be me. i saw it in a movie once. well, not being me but being someone famous.

i am famous. eat more pancakes!


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