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I have been really into writing here.

over the last 3 days i have been out lots. a total of 5 bars and 3 cities. different friends, strangers and activities all of the time.

drinking alone. playing scrabble. doing karaoke...typical run of the mill stuff.

it has taken a toll. i am so spent. i havent slept more than 4 hours since sunday. i really should have said no last night. i was so out of it. i was standing at the bar almost swaying. yet i was still drinking. granted by last night i switched to the old 33.

i have no point for saying any of this.

i feel like shit. i would think that i look like it.

winter storm warning for tonight. i dont think id be anything without the weather.

in other news...

i have decided that i need to hire someone.

i want someone to style my hair for me on a daily basis.

this includes:



and then making it look fun.

action takes place m-f around 5:20 am.

i should do more something or another so that is what i am going to go now and do.


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