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i really want to write about last night. before i got home.

i think this will come in sections.


last night i met the speller at lpp. her roommate ended up joining us for tacos and beer. first off...the tacos were so good. if at all possible i will become regular at lpp on tuesdays. anyways, we chatted about janet jackson, made fun of jon stamos, anthony from blossom and the beach boys. we also tried to get a variety of tables but had zero luck. then the speller used girlpower and we ended up sitting down.

it was at that point that i got to see the roommates in action.

flashback. i met the speller and chris {real name} at the beachland on halloween. they had asked about taping my show. i thought that they were married. no idea why. they asked me that and i had this idea that they were married.

so, a few weeks ago i find out that the speller isnt married. at this point i figured she had a boyfriend. or had or whatever.

then last night i meet chris. turns out that they are roommates. for a good 5 years. i got to see them in action. that type of thing that is hard to really get at...but i felt like i could have wathced them interact forever. it reminded me of me, matt and tom. how perfect it was. i havent had a roommate since that. i never really think about it. today i am thinking about it. i doubt this makes any sense. i have no desire to be married to matt or tom. and we were far from anything like a married trio. its just that thing...couples have it. but i cant think of many couples that were so entertaining. especially couples that arent a couple. argh!


thats enough for now.


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