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tuesday night was tobin sprout.

meg and arrived early. coffinberry was really good. good enough that i would go and see them again.

of montreal was funny. i got lost with the music due to all the stage antics. its hard to retell so just go see them soon.

tobin was a real treat. he played many gbv classics. i still dont know what the best moment. i think its when i yelled for 14 cheerleader and he complied. the show felt very personal. not a lot of people stuck around and the front line consisted of me and two other guys watching tobin. i managed to get the setlist but i was also the only one who stepped forward to take it. i drank my t-shirt money so the list had to do.

yesterday i rented dopamine..a new film with my crush sabrina lloyd. it was billed as a romantic was somewhat dramatic and very smart. she was charming as ever.

i also bought heath some new rocks. i am planning on getting him some friends in the next weeks.

thats really it.

today is earth day, i am going to go plant a tree. later.


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