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the new beastie boys record hits stores today. the b-boys are the only group that i have stuck by since 5th grade. i am super excited. the last record came out when i was 23...feels like forever ago.

i am debating where to get the record. i really want to go to time traveler in cuyahoga falls or i might go to the new indie/punk/electronic store in akron. or i can go to best buy or target, both stores are selling the album for less than 10.00.

my best idea would be to go to target and then next tuesday i could go to time traveler and get the new wilco. time traveler always has many bootlegs cheap...which means i could get wilco, the new pollard and a few other treats.

the sad thing?

i have not bought music since my generation closed.

i have a huge urgency to spend money.

and i still have the stupid mall gift card and the 25.00 blockbuster card.

free stuff.



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