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i am exhausted. i wish i didnt have to work extra hours this week. but then i wouldnt be playing out thursday in what is now looking to be an amazing night complete with another reunion of friends.

so, friday was fun. lots of fun. started at 4:30 pm and ended near 3:00 am.

acuras are sweet cars. more like a spaceship.

saturday i was up early. super early. cliff was at the beagle and wanted me to bring nugget over. she is enjoying her travels.

i spent saturday doing a variety of household stuff. tossed t-shirts that werent mine, old shoes, and other odds and ends.

went to target and had lunch with jacklyn.

got rid of the old bathroom stuff. bathtroom looks great. super bright and fun.

was supposed to go out saturday night but i slept. not a big deal.

sunday morning courtney called and asked if i wanted brunch. then told me it would be free. i ate like a king.

spent the day with new slang. we took a 3.5 mile walk in the park. had smoothies. watched some of lost in translation, watched sifl and olly.

she is going on thursday and bringing people. super cool.

need to work.


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