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tired. never really went to bed. never took that nap that i havent had in weeks now...or so it seems.

voted after work. the man with no tongue was voting next to me.

when i got home the steps had carpet. reminded me of running down them. now they are silent.

played a mean game of tetris...368 lines. took me 48 minutes and we still didnt have results.

spent the rest of the night on the phone with my ak friends. i was so tempted to go to d's and crash.

erin called after 9 and we talked for over an hour. that was a first. usually its 15 minutes.

we might hang out tonight. at 9 last night i was all about it but right now i am exhausted. friday we are going to see the incredibles, id like to get jamie and jessica to come along. i get the episode III trailer with that one.

bogged down with work.


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