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wed was the phantasy...thats a hazy mess. finally met christine. she took a cigarette to the eye. jacklyn had to drive me and courtney home.

thursday was the holiday which was fun. got back to the lake around 9:00 and sloop, amy matt and ellen all came over. we then headed to edisons.

friday i slept until 1:30 pm. it was awesome. wasnt planning on going out until tom called. we ended up going to the garage and then back to edisons. i think i was drunk. most of the weekend i was drunk.

saturday was akron. i arrived around 6:00 and watched the cavs game with the d and bill. headed down to annabelles around 10:30 to meet up with chris and steph. had a beer or three. after that we made our way to thursdays. i was hoping that tom would show up and he did. and then to my surprise erin was there. that was awesome. she got back in town around 6:00 and was hanging with jamie. i talked her into staying until bar closed. woke up yesterday and her, jamie, jess and myself all went for a late lunch.

spent yesterday in vegitation.

two more nights in lakewood and then i am gone for a week. woohoo!


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