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barry zito and grandaddy were both on letterman last night. its nice when my worlds can come together. i watched the interview with zito and taped the rest of the show.

earlier in the night i caught myself watching the trashy hotel show on fox. the show is pointless and stupid. the only point is to score with someone. anyways, most of the girls get on my nerves and the boys are just wishing they could back to whatever frat they came from.

tonight meghan and i are going to see modest mouse. meghan has seen every modest mouse show in ohio except for one. i have never seen modest mouse. not many bands i can say that about. im really looking forward to it.

next month the two of us are going to see radiohead. thats another band i have never seen and meghan has. im super looking forward to that.

thats really it.

this is becoming more and more of a journal than a place for me to generate new ideas.

oh well.

current listen : the halo benders - don't tell me now


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