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flaming lips are in two more days.

radiohead is in just over 3 weeks.

built to spill is less than a month away after radiohead.

i bought the soft bulletin yesterday and received a free lips ticket for the show. i planned on getting two but they were sold out of all other cd's...

had a strange dream about a spider web and a party.

got to dig through things yesterday...felt weird. even more weird was coming home and hanging things for the morning.

bob hope died. he was 100. i am not all that shocked that a guy died at 100. i would have to live 72 more years to reach 100. i doubt my picture would capture the front page.

watched some of office space last night. that could be a favorite. partially because i am trapped in a cube every day, 5 days a week for 40 hours a week.

i feel stale. stale like bread.


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