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it's already august 4th. soon this month will be over. by the end of it i will have seen gbv for the 26th time and radiohead for the 1st.

i am sure some other stuff will happen but we will take that in stride.

my car will hit 100,000 miles before sept arrives. no car of mine has ever done that. i will monitor the situation. backpack is now packed and ready for anything. it will live in the trunk of my car.

i want the new ween cd. i also want the new doug coupland book. if anyone feels like shopping, look into these things. i will accept with open arms.

spent the weekend doing good things. played games, watched movies and did an enormous amount of walking. yesterday was all about walking. walking, lunch, was good. actually it was near perfect. worth the drive.

learned how puppies are born.

that is all.


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