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and now radiohead...

forgive me for not writing about this sooner.

anyways...meghan and i arrived at blossom at roughly 3:30. we brought a 12 pack of heinekin, 1 blue moon, some chips and salsa, homemade pasta salad, cookies, smokes, cups, 1 chair, tickets...totally prepared. we found a nice area to picnic. meg wore a skirt and i wore shorts. we both wore tops. we sat at the picnic area and drank our beer and munched on food. i talked in length about my previous relationship and san fransisco and moving to lakewood. meg talked about her previous relationship and the length it takes to say i love you to a significant. meg also recited the story about how we met in much greater detail, specifically on how she wasn't going to go the grog. it was so good to discuss all of that. we exchanged many kisses and laughed a lot.

we didnt enter blossom until about 7. we both had good buzzes going. meg hung onto me and was the perfect girl. we bought a 10 pack of buttons. one of them is megs tattoo. overall 6-7 of the buttons are very cool.

we made a stop at the bathrooms and thats when i noticed that they were selling blue moon 12 oz. bottles for 6.50.

eventually we made it to our seats. we were so close, only 7 rows behind the pit and dead center. i am still in awe about the closeness...especially since it was free.

we gawked for a while about our seats and then headed to the lawn to cool down. bumped into frank spicer.

after that we bouhgt beer. sometime after that malkmus played. he was great. we stood the entire time and meghan was all swooney over her "other" boyfriend.

after malkmus we went for more beer. meg bumped into ed and matt fornes. i saw dan schremo from kent. we each bought another beer. in total we spent about 30.00 each for the entire show.

radiohead took the stage maybe around 9:30...i really have no idea. they were amazing. near perfect. mind blowing. solid. i rubbed meghans back from start to finish. we kissed between almost every song, it was perfect. after playing for what seemed a short bit they left the stage. i was stunned but then i realized just how many songs they did play. highlights for me where myxamatosis, 2 + 2 = 5, paranoid android, idotechque, and the bends.

after a slew of encors we made our way back to the parking party lot. i played some frizbee and we passed some pepsi cans to good kids stuck in traffic. we hung out in the lot til sometime after 12:30.

meg drove us back to lakewood and she was in a haze. i sang subspace biographies from start to finish. does radiohead rank?


as of right now they are top 5 in shows. maybe even my 5th favorite band.

i'll decide all that after it really sets in.


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