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not much going on. watched the film "talk to her". raised the question on what i would do if she was ever in a coma. i am confident in saying i would visit every day and tell her what is happening. i would recount the episode of blind date. tell her if doug was on trading spaces. i would talk about riding and what album hit the shelves.

brian giles was traded to the padres. he used to play for the indians. he spent some years with the pirates, now he is a padre.

brian anderson was traded to the royals. he also played for the indians. he played here til about 97, then when the rule 5 draft happened he was shipped to the diamondbacks where he later helped win a world series. this past season he came back to cleveland. now he is a royal. it is possible that he will be acquired back in december.

super early. couldn't see mars. i blame the clouds on that one.

i never had any idea about sperm going 88 miles per hour, this further backs up my idea that sex is like baseball...two of my favorite things. funny...i can't really play baseball, but i love to watch it. sex i am good...actually better than good, but i'd rather be doing it than watching it.

an organized zoo.


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