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midweek. worked today. i mean i actually worked. i managed to finally get stuff done. i have spent the past 2 weeks zoning and thinking about other things. feel pretty good about that.

oh...i am again at the library.

so, last night was 80's night. i called sloop early and told him that i was going to skip cause i was so tired. i only slept for about 4 hours the night before. anyways, around 9 or so i decided that i would go out and just meet up with sloop. bizarre cause i usually don't get out alone but i really wanted to get out...blah. so, i showered and got dressed then i decided to lay down on the couch and watch some baseball.

the next thing i know is it was after midnight. for a few minutes i contemplated possibly still getting out then i said screw it...nobody heard me say that...and then i went to bed.

next tuesday and every tuesday following i will be out. for that matter i am adding wed and thurs to the list. and of course friday and saturday. the only nights i plan on being home are going to be sunday and monday...unless a show or something comes about. tony meda will not be kept down...

i might go to the 5 o'clock tonight or head out to the beachland...depends on how the night goes.

i have been single for almost two weeks now and i still miss her...i wonder if that is normal? i dont know. maybe you know. maybe its the fact that this week would be a year...i swear, i try and get away from it and i keep going back to it. i need to find an activity or something. she...enough for now.



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