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hello. not much to say. not much that i want to say.

get this...i have this diary for 5 maybe 6 months. i have the same exact people read it everyday. on occasion i get the people searching for angry children or something to do with tim tobias or belle and sebastian. then, my shit falls apart and i have an entire new crew reading this. i removed the address from friendster, i was removed from her site and i have more views than ever before. so...hello to all the new people. sorry this thing has been so down...comes with the territory.

weekend...saw some friends. went to the beachland...hit the 5 o'clock..ran into becky...

spent yesterday doing nothing. brought myself way down. can't seem to shake it. took a long walk around lakewood. detroit all the way down to st. eds. and then back...anything to kill time. sundays all i would do is hang out at the barn. i miss that so much. i realize how much i actually like horses, well, her horses.

sloop came home around 6 yesterday and we went to borders and out for dinner. after that i went to bed. i didnt go to sleep i just had nothing left to do. this was around 8:00. sometime after 10 i did fall asleep. it was raining. it was also a bit cold. i woke up at 3. the first thing i wanted to do was make a phone call. i managed not. anyways, i got up, got dressed and grabbed my umbrella and went walking. i walked til about 4:45 and then came home, showered and left for work.

i cant seem to escape the funk that i am in. i have been buying music but when i am the only one hearing it...well, that sucks.

i am hoping that friday some of this shit will change. i am going to see the polyphonic spree at the grog. i have not yet been to the new grog. i was waiting for something special. i believe that poly could be it. this band has taken me in a way that only a few bands have before...rollerskate skinny, the shins, belle and that way that after just a few notes i must own it.

i bought poly on friday and have not stopped listening to it. they get better every listen. i pray for perfection friday night, somehow i think i will get it.

other recent purchases:

gbv - get out of my stations (the bonus is some nice live stuff from 93-94)

new shins single with 2 additional tracks (phil ek produced the latest so i am more than just excited)

a nice K records comp with dub narcotic, beat happening and about 12 other tony bands. yep, that was discussed. tony meda is very K records...truth.

more eventually.

"bugs...does that feel like bugs-"



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