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weekend. i think i might start holding small award ceremonies for when these things end.

i also think i have gone about 3 months with awesome weekends.

so, lets begin.

friday night i went with new slang and her friends to see napoleon dynamite {3rd time}...i cant get enough of that movie. i laughed harder this time than the first two times combined.

saturday i took the death machine in for all sorts of work. i was car less for about 8 hours.

saturday night i had every intention to stay home. well, natalie called and told me she was going to the grog with some of her friends. big sandy and his flyright boys ...its either "and the" or "and his" were playing...anyways, at first i said no, not my thing. then after a couple hours i called back and said i would go.

the show was fun. natalie can dance. i know she dances professional, but my god does the girl have moves. the crowd loved her. i stood in awe. i then figured that she is good at almost everything.

yesterday was the day with dad. we hung out from 12-6 eating pizza and watching sports. jacklyn came over to meet him. they both discussed my ex as if i wasnt in the room. they both love natalie. my dad asked specific if i would bring her to the house. he is shocked that i am dating a really cute girl who likes to talk. i told, thats all just surface...never has my dad requested me bringing a girl to the least not so very forward.

natalie and i talked. we have a feeling our parents are already planning a wedding. its weird to that my mom is so happy. crap, why didnt i meet this girl 10 years ago.

we also figured that they will forget to invite us to the wedding.

last night i went and saw spiderman 2 with jacklyn. holy crap. thats all i can say.


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