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hanging out with sloop. recovering from a great night in akron. ended up heading to akron around 8:00. walked in with 6 pack in hand and D's roommate instructed that i drink Sky with him. so, i had a couple blue moons and then started on the vodka. the debate was great. w is a tool. i was blown away by his "internets". after the debate we watched some ball and then all headed out. i didnt pay for anything. i did shots and had a great time. i really wanted to go to Thursdays tonight with sloop but my ass is tired,plus i didnt get back to the lake until noon today. next week for sure. i always forget the army of friends that i have in that city. looks like i will be getting shows in akron also...that rocks.

so, the twins lost. totally sucks. i am hoping the bo-sox can take the series against ny.

tonight it looks like we are going to ohio city and tremont. it was all jacklyns idea and it seems she wont be going. typical. bugs me. whatever.

thats really it. nice writing on a weekend when i actually can and dont have to look over the shoulder.

why do all the girls have the same names? that can make things difficult.


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